STP8X In-Ear Headset with PTT


Ideal for use in low-noise conditions, this lightweight headset features an in-line PTT switch and allows direct connection to the STP8X via the Rugged Side Connector (RuSC).

Attribute Specification
Environmental rating IP54
Storage temperature -40 to 85°C
Weight 110g


Item Part no.
STP8X in-ear headset with PTT 300-01051


Applicable standards

IECEX Specifications
IEC60079-0:2011 Edition 6.0
IEC60079-11:2011 Edition 6.0

ATEX Specifications
EN60079-0 (2012)
EN60079-11 (2012)


Please note: For use in hazardous environments the Rugged Side Connector (RuSC) cover must be in place or an approved RusC accessory must be securely connected. Removal of the cover, or disconnection of the approved RuSC accessory is not permitted in hazardous environments.