Mobile Terminals


Tough enough to withstand the most formidable working conditions, our robust
mobile terminals provide efficient communications when you need them most.

Offering integrated data communications along with up to 10W RF power, improved noise rejection and enhanced error correction, these rugged mobile radios give crystal clear audio even in high-noise environments. With multiple console options up to IP67-rated with intuitive user interfaces, Sepura mobile terminals are hardware-ready to 

support Direct Mode Gateway, Direct Mode Repeater, PEI-based data and End-to-End Encryption options.
The integral location module of Sepura mobile terminals tracks both GPS and Glonass satellites, working to provide a greater degree of accuracy and security for tracking vehicles when attending incidents.

Terminal Features

A wide range of features are available to add to the terminals.
The SCG22 mobile radio is a powerful TETRA gateway with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

Sepura Mobile Terminals

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