Antenas SC21


Antennas are colour coded to indicate frequency band.

Nominal gain figures shown in the table are measured in free space at resonance. These figures will degrade when used close to the body.

General characteristics
Nominal impedance: 50Ω
VSWR at resonance ≤1.5:1
Connector type: M6
Operational temperature range: -20ºC to +55ºC (useable range -30ºC to +75ºC)

Frequency Colour code Centre frequency
Quarter wave
Extended helical >-
380-430MHz Green 405MHz 310-00014
380-470MHz Purple 310-00015
420-470MHz Yellow 330-00016
806-870MHz Orange 834MHz 350-00007

SC21 Antennas previous part numbers:

  • 380-430MHz Extended Helical: 300-01931
  • 385-430MHz Compressed Helical: 300-01932
  • 420-470MHz Extended Helical: 300-01960
  • 806-870MHz 1/4 Wave: 300-01924